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Yibarka, a militarized floating city, is recovering from a great war and her people are facing a new ruler. New ruler means new rules. Now moustaches are expensive accessories for the privileged ones and not everyone can wear 'em. But what if a bunch of fake-Russian baristas were the main moustache-smuggling group? Helped by some little beings called BOwls, these fake-Russians will face lots of difficult situations in their way to become rich. A page per day till the chapter is finished, then you'll have to wait for me to draw the next chapter, and repeat.


Still working on the second chap.

Yep, it's sad but true. I haven't done the second chapter and that's why I didn't post anything.
But I've been thinking. Is it better posting every page per chapter one a day, or posting each page as I finish drawing them?
I think I'm gonna change my way to publish.
ⓀǝɇǷℹƞ. ƚȵ ŦØƱℂℌ

Posted by amt0r @ 2017 February 26th
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On going!

[Insert typical first post here]

Yes, the thing is gonna be like that. One page a day till the chaper is finished and then a resting time for me to finish the next one, and repeat. So hell yeah, VnM starts today.

ⓀǝɇǷℹƞ. ƚȵ ŦØƱℂℌ

Posted by amt0r @ 2017 February 03rd
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